La Jolla Wine Tours Company Showcasing Great Wines and Places in La Jolla

La Jolla Wine Tours Showcases Great La Jolla and
San Diego Wines, Wineries,Restaurants and Attractions

A New Company Called La Jolla Wine Tours is now offering
daily local wine tours along the La Jolla, La Jolla Village and San Diego area
and the concept is taking off with visitors and locals alike.

Led by La Jolla resident Shira Wiseman, the wine tours showcase not only great
wines but also great merchants and attractions in the La Jolla and San Diego area.

When it comes to great things to do these wine tours are the perfect blend
of getting out and having fun and also getting to know the area and meet some
new and interesting people.

According to the website the Mission Statement is “To bring joy to our guests as we share our knowledge and passion for great wine and food while partnering with our local San Diego merchants.”

Here is more information from the website.

Shira Wiseman, your tour guide, leads the walking wine tours of La Jolla Village, and the San Diego Winery tours. Shira is originally from Belfast, northern Ireland where she received her culinary education, as well as creative background with several leading international performance groups. She brings a unique talent that makes this lively tour full of food, facts and a heaping serving of fun!

Shira has lived and worked in the village of La Jolla for over 10 years and is pleased to pass on her experience in scoping out the best food and wine offerings in her village. With these talents and interests she continues to research (and taste) all that La Jolla has to offer. As La Jolla Wine Tours co-founder and tour leader, she shares this wealth of information and enthusiasm bringing a most unique and memorable experience to you all.

Paul Anthony Vild, co-founder and director of La Jolla Wine Tours, heads the San Diego Winery Tours division and brings his knowledge and passion of great wine and food from his heart to your palate. His delightful humor will brighten your day as you travel with him to hand-picked winery gems. Born in Cleveland, raised in Simi Valley, California, Paul Anthony has lived in San Diego most of his life and is pleased to call it his home. He is an automation engineer by day and loves doing product design, 3D modeling, and equipment repair.

As a young man his only experience with wine was a white zin, and he was not so very thrilled with that. He still remembers, back in 1997, his first taste of a red; it was a 1995 Fetzer Cab that changed his view of wine. Since then he has been expanding his palate and enjoying his favorite varietals which tend to be red. He enjoys wines from around the world, but especially loves the local winery offerings, particularly when he gets to meet the wine maker and hear about their process.

Wine Tours range in price from $62.50 for the La Jolla Walking Wine Tour to $150 per person for a 6 hour San Diego wine tour that includes transportation, dinner and more.

For more details on the wine tours, specials and schedule visit

Please call or email for reservations:
La Jolla Wine Tours
Tasty Adventures, Inc.
La Jolla, San Diego, California
(858) 551-5115

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